the velcroe whatever its known as in the centre…my tresses got trapped to to draw my hair so difficult the center came off..likely to try it minus the middle…if it functions an curls my hair excellent then. i love theyre soft can sleep easy inside just like the snap factor but if it wont curl my curly hair an i must rip it out…is useless…will dsicover…am dissatisfied hope it functions. update: It didn’t work…ughh i actually threw 24 of these out…useless totally.

We were holding cheap, expected in what we got therefore. My issue was that the glue used to adhere the ultimate end fasteners was still tacky whenever we got them, and had this type of strong smell, after wearing them overnight my entire head smelled of nail polish-like fumes along with my pillow.

We cut my locks wanted and brief to get some curlers that i possibly could quickly placed into my hair. For the purchase price, the product quality was good pretty, nonetheless it does take some practice to close th¨¦ curler whenever your attempting to curl the trunk of one’s head. I’d also suggest making use of perm wraps to wrap round the tresses before closing as some hairs will fallout after you up close the curler. Therefore I’d say go on and order if you are searching for an inexpensive couple of bendable curlers because they do work as soon as you practice using them a little. But avoid being in a rush should you choose order since it took some time for the shipping to arrive.

Great idea but executed. The center piece that’s likely to hold your own hair set up just tangles your own hair also it hurts as you make an effort to loosen the strand of hair from the twist. I don’t recommend it.

They are very made badly! My hair didn’t curl at aIl but I’ll try them again with heat and see if that helps. They appear sort of short &amp furthermore; and thin to be considers large roIlers.
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