Old Spice Red Zone Collection Sweat Defense Extra Strong Swagger Scent Men’s Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 2.6 Oz (Pack of 6)

Old Spice Red Zone Collection Sweat Defense Extra Strong Swagger Scent Men's Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 2.6 Oz (Pack of 6)This was previously the very best anti-perspirant available when it appeared as if that pictured here. Nevertheless, it has transformed to a crimson cap, and the method has transformed with it. It no more goes on clean and even–it gunks and drop half away from as you utilize it up. Even worse, it has the aroma of Pine-Sol cleaner and doesn’t ¨¦ven cover the smell of one’s sweat. The product is advisable if you desire whitened pasty crust in the within of all your shirts and together with your pants and when you intend to smell such as a dirty open public bathroom.

I ordered 6 of the. I really like these things usually, however the lid was transformed by them color from crystal clear to red-colored and apparently transformed the formula. I smell likes bears ass by Iunch. Occurred with the apparent lid kind in no way. Won’t once again be causeing this to be purchase.

Not similar item that it was previously, fragrance isn’t exactly the same and is as well strong now. In addition, it flakes instantly when applied rather than soft and lotion-y like before almost. It looks not the same as the picture shown also, includes a red cap.Like mattress head manipulator, a different one bites the dirt?

EDITED 7/11/15I purchased sweat defense for a long time, before they transformed the title to sweat defense actually. I’ve spoken very extremely of the merchandise until receiving the brand new dreaded reddish capped bottle lately. The addition of “synthetic wax” and p¨¢raffin donate to unwelcomed clumping in my own underarm hairs which results in the WAXlNG of my underarms when dry. Works out when you place wax in something that explains an certain region with hair, the hair really wants to turn out. They’ve identified this at attractiveness salons for a long time now plus they actually charge visitors to violently take away the curly hair from their faces. Now with the brand new formula I’m obtaining the same spa therapy for my armpits efficiently.Furthermore; the brand new scent can be something downwind of a dumpster at ¨¢ manure packing plant. PA PA PA PA PA PA Strength~FUL stank on ya.Regardless of the true amount of cents per bottle this today waxy rancid formulation saves Older Spice, please simply add in to the price of the older formula because sadly for me personally this was the only real deodorant that held me from sweating and smelled great following a long days function.Now I’m trapped with speed-dating brand new deodorant sticks and the awkward appearance on the facial skin of this poor stay when I promptly toss it ¨®ut in the rubbish is certainly tough to take. Make sure you Old Spice, cease ripping out my pit hairs and producing me smell just like the drain at a brewery. I thought we’d a better connection than that.~~~~~~~~~I purchased Old Spice Reddish Zone now for approximately ten years. That is by far the very best deodorant in the marketplace for very extremely active men. A whole lot is performed by me of trekking/backpacking, running and weightlifting, which deodorant hangs difficult. The whole day i take advantage of three clicks under each arm and i’m good.My wife often informs me that I smell fantastic when i get back from working all day long and I only placed on the deodorant each morning. This deodorant will not use off. The Swagger scent will be her favorite, so I use it naturally.I purchase the product on a subscription through Amazon which sav¨¦s me some cash at the store. Sometimes the product includes a buy one particular get one free of charge coupon sufficient reason for certain shop memberships it is possible to stock up in it for pennies, but I really do not have the proper time and energy to go extremely couponing and absorb those money saving deals. For a no-hassle method, I would recommend registering for the automated subscription and obtain these delivered to your home. My average financial savings is approximately $.75-$1.00 per stick.I really do have 1 CON concerning this product. Following a couple years, the deodorant shall build-up in the armpits of my under t shirts. It manifests itself by means of a difficult and discolored blob that is permanently stuck to your garments. I venture out and by brand new shirts at that time just, but I physique that this will probably be worth mentioning.Although I’ve one con, We give this amazing product a 5-star rating nevertheless.

Count me in among the Used to THINK IT¡¯S GREAT group. The reddish colored cap sticks will clump and flake soon after placing it on upward. I must work with a towel Read More Here

Old Spice Red Zone Collection Sweat Defense Extra Strong Swagger Scent Men's Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 2.6 Oz (Pack of 6)