Bondi Unique Flexible Cell Phone Holder Made of High Quality Silicon – Retail Packaging – White

Bondi Unique Flexible Cell Phone Holder Made of High Quality Silicon - Retail Packaging - Whitethe cellular phone holder that I obtained was unique of the merchandise picture and explanation displayed. Rather than “Bondi”, an identical product was shipped beneath the brand “wubenfu”. The shipper contacted me when i left an assessment indicating this kind of promptly, providing to refund $2 per cellular phone holder easily would take away the negative review. The one thing I requested has been that the brand be clearly determined in the explanation that your shipper said had not been possible.I curently have the best Bondi cellular phone holder and you can find subtle differences. You can be as effective as another just. That’s not the idea. I was delivered a knockoff beneath the Bondi trademark. This is not a genuine representation of the merchandise.

I recieved the merchandise if they said I’d but it had not been the Bondi product is must have been… rather it off had been a knock. The packaging states ” Happy HOLD ON”. I am hoping that it shall are the Bondi item was promoted but who understands. It’ll be more of a pain for me personally to return at this stage when i was providing them with for gifts. Disappointed they can advertise something and mail you different things then.

The merchandise that I obtained is really a green flexible CELLULAR PHONE Holder, nonetheless it isn’t Bondi brand. It had been mentioned by the name as a Bondi, AND the explanation has been for a Bondi cellular phone holder – this is why I bought it. The sellers notice in the bottom of the explanation states that the packaging could be different, nonetheless it DOES say that it’s qualified. It had been claimed by them because a Bondi item, in fact it is not clearly.

I bought a Bondi holder for my vehicle and discovered three reasons for having the merchandise:1) It generally does not use all phones. It functions ideal for HTC ReZound, just Okay for Galaxy Nexus. As the “hands” could be positioned to personalize the suit (mainly width of the cellular phone) they don’t have just as much vertical play. This puts among the hands on the screen power key on my Nexus straight, rendering it difficult to gain access to. For reference the Nexus strength button operates between about 9 and 10 cm from the bottom (with a standard-sized phone include).2) It generally does not fit well in every cars. The hook near the top of the Bondi is usually flexible and permits significant manipulation furthermore. The bar of the hook is larger rather, that i presume is wonderful for stability, which is limiting with regards to the easily fit into some motor vehicle air vents. My Toyota Camery vents have two Iayers of blades – one stacked immediately behind others. The depth of the blades stops the hook from getting inserted in to the vent. This limitations the positioning of the holder severely. On our Honda Odyssey the vent blades aren’t since are and big not really doubled up exactly the same way. The Bondi could be inserted in to the vent quickly. It is advisable to try to put in a hook or test thoroughly your vents before buying the Bondi is definitely you would like to utilize it in an automobile.3) The components / construction are great. The Bondi is manufactured with a long lasting metal and protected with a superior quality rubber material. This has organized fine in the entire months we’ve used it. The rubber provides holder hook grip to the telephone and the match is steady and secure. Your feet on underneath of the holder may also be slightly adjusted to greatly help avoid power cords (even though center is very free which means this shouldn’t be an issue) and headphone jacks.

I REALLY LIKE my small Bondi. It retains my phone restricted and contains let go. The only real problem with Bondi is that it generally does not have a hole for the camera, but that’s fixed by way of a measured and drilled hole quickly.Bondi can bent to carry your phone in lots of positions and hangs safely out of h¨¢rm’s way on a sticky h¨®ok which saved my phone when I dump¨¦d my coffee on the desk. I’ve 2 of the and you will be getting more.

The true Bondi, made and patented by iBondi can be fantastic. The one I purchased off Amazon isn’t. Make certain the made-in-America is purchased by you item that will come in sealed packaging and contains the trademark, Bondi, on the tiny man’s back. Or else, you, like I, bought a low-quality product that’s pret Read More Here

Bondi Unique Flexible Cell Phone Holder Made of High Quality Silicon - Retail Packaging - White