Whitmor 6351-1229-JAVA Fashion Color Organizer Collection Hanging Shoe Shelves, Java

Whitmor 6351-1229-JAVA Fashion Color Organizer Collection Hanging Shoe Shelves, JavaI’m really pleased with this footwear organizer. It’s properly constructed and manufactured from nice material. This made an improvement in my own closet really. Forget about shoes on to the floor! I was really in a position to put a whole large amount of my sandals in the pockets on the sides, so to be in a position to only hold 10 pairs of sneakers instead, mine is keeping 20.

This footwear shelf fits the storage space cubes for my closet. Great, but my husband’s huge ‘ole shoes just match one per compartment, so he is able to only store 5 footwear in it.

With this particular my shoes or boots are off the ground and no problem finding producing my closet a whole lot neater. It can’t fit a couple of sneakers in a compartment but is effective for women’s flats and pumps. l in fact choose another organizer from the container shop with wider compartments that suit a set of sneakers or 2 pairs women’s shoes and boots, nonetheless it is wider (however, not doubly wide) and much more expensive.

Love this shoe organizer absolutely. I will have three also it great never to have my shoes on to the floor just. The size is ideal for all my shoes (incuding shoes), and would recommend.

It’s ok for the purchase price however the material does feel cheap and I r¨¦ceived it with the stitching falling apart, I’ll still utilize it because it does make more room in my own closet and that has been the primary reason for buying this.

It holds one adult shoe per sheIf, so five pairs per hanger. More f¨®r kids’ shoes.Stands up well enough, much better than others available on the market. If they will make it sturdier more even, so much the higher.

Pros: the product takes up hardly any space and is pretty sturdy.Cons: Shoes need to stack together with each other and they are difficult to see when choosing shoes for your day.

Works wonders. I am going to say though these are small pretty… meaning if you’re a guy (I’m size 12…. talking shoes here, people), you are not getting any other thing more than 1 shoe in these unless- it’s the pretty low-profile pair- you have shoebags- or minions to shine your shoes through to the standard.I’ll also say that anything bigger than a chukka probably isn’t likely to fit either if you don’t start cramming. It appears like I’m unhappy with it, but I’m – constructed well actually, nice space-saver, and looks good aswell. Given that they don’t use up much space, a remedy to the size issue is you could hang a second right close to it w/o losing much room in your closet.

Much too small for men’s shoes. I’ve size 11.5 to 12 dress sneakers and shoes. This organizer shall unfit my shoes. The merchandise picture is misleading completely. I read several reviews warning of the size, but believed the picture. I’m uncertain what size shoes they use for th¨¢t picture, but this isn’t for men’s shoes Read More Here

Whitmor 6351-1229-JAVA Fashion Color Organizer Collection Hanging Shoe Shelves, Java

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