Korg nanoKEY2 Slim-Line USB Keyboard, Black

Korg nanoKEY2 Slim-Line USB Keyboard, BlackI recently bought this Nanopad for a reside setup, rendering it my 3rd – I personal a Nano1 (black), Nano2 (white-colored) and today this Nano2 (dark).To begin with for the purchase price I believe these controllers are very decent. I understand some users report hardware reliability issues, but I haven’t come across any problems (yet) with my 3 units. Heck, they’re half the purchase price and probably go longer than my “consumable” Macbook battery which I spend $100 every 2 yrs!Some comparison between your 3 units – out from the package, the Nano1 is apparently slightly more delicate compared to the Nano2 (observe below for a straightforward mod that you can do to create up pad sensitivity). Nano1 pads Are usually slightly larger.. nevertheless, you get less of these. Another difference may be the pads found in the whitened and black variations – the black types really feel softer and much less sticky, as the white ones somewhat a lot more sticky and platic-y, for insufficient an improved word… I favor the really feel of the dark pads myself.I think they are all fine products and serve their purpos¨¦. If you want an increased performing product, after that you’re in the incorrect price bracket!Right now for a straightforward mod that can be done to improve the sensitivity on the Nano2:1) Start the machine (unplugged) with a little screwrdriver2) lift aside the pc table and get in touch with sheet3) place several bits of scotch tape on underneath of every rubber pad. Little squares to protect the within [] ridge of every pad. 8-10 items per pad can make them good and sensitive! (you may also stack the scotch pieces in an extended strip first, then cut them right down to size for increased efficiency.:)4) Up close the unit

I recieved this in the mail 2 days back, and i have to say i’m totally impressed with this particular unit. I programmed Reaper 3.76 making use of it’s Midi CC information mode, also it took time utilizing the action choice in Reaper to manually plan the NanoKontrol 2, to utilize it because the transportation and mixer features of the daw. Once i arrange it (i acquired it programmed to 24 faders and pan knobs, plus all solo/mute/report arm buttons and the entire transport aswell making use of 3 out of 16 availiable midi stations! But if you want it is possible to max it out at 8 tracks per midi channel, around 16 midi stations providing you a max of 128 stations/tracks!) it worked well easy as butter. The pan knobs really feel really good rather than cheap, the faders possess a good feel of level of resistance in their mind like combining boards perform. The buttons light when they are usually armed to toggle, i’m very amazed with the grade of this unit.The professionals to the unit is that it’s definitely a intensify in the building and construction of the unit when compared to version hands down the NanoKontrol. The additional transport functions are excellent , all of the solo/mute/report arm buttons, along with the transportation buttons don’t really feel inexpensive at all, and really feel solid that is a big shock granted the price of this unit (59.99 by 7/3/2011). It includes a decent bodyweight to it, around 3/4 of a pound. It appears cool as well during used in a session. The controls have become responsive with Reaper 3.76. I take advantage of this controller with it’s Midi CC Information setting.The cons i’ve will be that the picture button from edition one was eliminated, and instead is currently part of the Korg Kontrol Editor, a program you obtain from the Korg web site after you choose the unit, which program enables you to set the features and switches, from monetary push to toggle setting, and also arranged the seperate midi stations (midi channels 1-16) to change between 8 units of tracks(per among the 16 midi stations you can choose in the Korg Kontrol Editor) you system the NanoKontrol 2 to utilize. To be able to switch between your midi channels, you need to open up the Korg Kontrol Editor and create the picture to the NanoKontrol 2 for each and every time you have to swtich between midi stations in your daw. The Korg Kontrol Editor doesn’t get too much time to load to help make the modifications to your NanoKontrol 2, so that it is not a big deal however, many may have preferred the picture button on these devices itself. Nonetheless it doesn’t bother me a lot so i enjoy it as is.And when you do not know how to plan midi cc
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Korg nanoKEY2 Slim-Line USB Keyboard, Black

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