Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder 6-oz.

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder 6-oz.As a disabled, middle aged female with a bodyweight issue, I’m constantly searching for products to greatly help with extra sweating and God forbid, odor. I’ve no justification to help keep looking, I’ve found the solution. I’m plagued with temperature rashes and chaffing problems often. I loved the appearance of the package and designed to order it for if nothing else fully, it would create a good gag gift. Given that I’ve attempted it, you couldn’t pry it out of my fingers. It’s excellent! It feels excellent, no odor, it isn’t gritty & most significantly, it works!!! I read testimonials on something before i purchase from Amazon often, and even though I’m not excellent with words, I could say that product is really worth the amount of money and I most definitely will undoubtedly be ordering it once again.

I’d like to start out by stating that I’m a big woman with thunder thighs(big thighs that contact). My thighs rub constantly together. I get really bad chafing if it is hot, during the summer especially. I was hesitant in regards to a powder helping prevent that but this powder works like a charm. Each day when I use a outfit I place some between my thighs and contact it. No chafing and my legs together do run, however they glide! I completely recommend the product for anybody who chafes quickly and who’s thighs operate together.

I really like this powder actually. It smells nice really, feminine not masculine. This stops itching since it contains calamine furthermore. I’ve different auto-immune pores and skin disorders which stuff actually gives me a whole large amount of relief.

The name of the stuff is amusing hysterically, but these things is NOT! It is effective and has a good really, thoroughly clean scent; NOT “frufru” like some, so guys might use it without embarassment as well. (At the very least in my own book, you can!) :)):)) Many thanks.:):)!!

The very best anti chafing non epidermis drying item I’ve actually used, specifically for “weight challenged and attempting to obtain it off” people. As well bad it isn’t more broadly distributed – so superior to standard infant powder.

There is absolutely no doubt concerning this being there the very best anti-chaffing powder away… It will save my skin within an area that will get chaffed really. It really is silky and easy and has a good scent. Really can’t complete the summertime without it!

I admit I purchased this generally for the sheer enjoyable of experiencing it on my restroom counter and experiencing the responses it will get. But I’m amazed at how properly it works. I’ve very sensitive pores and skin, susceptible to eczema, rosacea, and especially, discomfort from seams. Which explains why I attempted this. It can protect much better than plain cornstarch-centered powder really. I in within my arms dust, under my bra band, and my internal thighs where jeans seams shall trigger chafing or even a rash. And I’ve none of these presssing problems when I take advantage of the Monkey Butt. I’ve not trained with a complete trial for chub rub however. I simply have no idea that I’d anticipate ANY powder to resolve that problem just how microfiber bike brief design undies do.

Sure, you laugh at the real name and label, but perhaps you have tried it in fact? Essential to need to look after sweating along with other private cases of excess moisture that result in chafing. I won’t need to utilize it on too normal of a schedule, thank heavens, but it has been an enormous help on several occasions. Not merely does it care for moisture but it is also soothing to itch. The Girls’ powder includes a delicate scent, some calamine, and it’s really starch based that is great because it’s today said talc is usually carcinogenic. Try the stuff just! And hide the bottle out of pIain sight for concern with ridicule, lol.

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Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder 6-oz.

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