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TurboTax Deluxe 2015 Federal + State Taxes + Fed Efile Tax Preparation Software - PC DownloadI’ve used Tax Software for 20 years… having moved to TurboTax 10 years ago when the Kiplinger(H&R Block) product just couldn’t keep up.Last year’s hidden change to remove support for Schedule C & D caused me to try out competing products again; however, in the end, even though I dislike the way Intuit does business, their product is better than the competition.Pros:- Works like previous years (not counting last year), where it fully supports the normal Small Business items and the Investment Sale Download and Reporting.- Is better than any of the competition.Cons:- The company’s web site specifically HIDES the fact that you can complete schedules C & D with the Deluxe version. I consider this dishonest. Rather than highlight the differences in capabilities between the Deluxe version and the Premium version, they simply tell you you have to have the Premium version (when, in fact, you don’t have to have it)- When you use the software, when you try to work on schedules C & D the program repeatedly tries to tell you you need the more expensive version.- The company treats customers badly. When the Vanguard program was eliminated, they made an offer of a $20 discount for the Federal Version; however, if you take them up on that offer they actually charge you $15 more than if you just bought it here. It is insulting that they pretend to offer a discount that costs more than the normal version.Like a lot of people I bought Deluxe last year, found that it wouldn’t get the job done because they had removed the required forms (D and C), so then purchased H&R Block’s… that worked, kind of, but was a pretty bad product. Then, the support people upgraded me to the Home & Business… I turned in a LOT of bugs during the filing season…- This year, again, several forms are not available in a timely manner, so you cannot use the product as desired. People who seriously prepare and manage their taxes want to be able to figure out “most” of the tax calculations by December 15th in order to do tuning, Roth Conversions, etc. But, even though a lot of the forms are unchanged or nearly unchanged from last year, they are not making those forms available early enough to use for tax planning.- Intuit has not taken seriously the testing necessary for customers who had to change between the Deluxe version to the Home/Business Version and now import this year back to the Deluxe version. The import from last year’s Home/Business into this year’s Deluxe appears to have some strange results.Summary – I’m using this product as the best of the choices; however, I don’t like the way the company does business and how it treats its customers.UPDATE – January 4th, 2016 – Starting in mid-2015, every update of TurboTax 2014 had a link to “what changed” that didn’t work. I turned in multiple problem reports to Intuit, which were all ignored. Now, for TurboTax 2015, EVERY update to the software, to include the one “today”, has links for what changed that doesn’t work. Intuit’s inability to tell us what changed is very concerning. If they don’t resolve this issue, the 2015 version will be my last I use from them…even though the HR Block product is not as good, I am unwilling to use a product from Intuit where they change it without telling you what changed.
I agree with RSC [December 13, 2015] – TURBO TAX HAS GONE OUT OF ITS WAY TO MISLEAD ITS CUSTOMERS into thinking that they have to purchase the Home & Business version in order to get Schedule C. If you look at Intuit’s website comparing the different versions, there is no indication that the Deluxe version has the Schedule C; in fact, Intuit makes it appear as though you need the Home & Business version to do “small business taxes including sole proprietors, consultants, and the self employed.” I googled and searched the internet to see if this year’s Deluxe version (for 2015 taxes) has the Schedule C (which they took out of last year’s Deluxe version); I was prepared to go elsewhere if Intuit was going to try and shaft me, again, this year! It wasn’t until I went to Amazon Reviewers that was I able to ascertain that this year’s Deluxe version includes the Schedule C – which it has for 20 years (except for last year – when it tried to gouge its customers). I’ve used Turbo Tax for over twenty years; and I agree with RSC that I don’t like the way Intuit treats its customers! Based upon Intuit’s fiasco of last year (removing Schedules C and D from the Deluxe version) this year’s Deluxe version should CLEARLY ADVERTISE on the FRONT COVER of its box that it includes Schedules C and D! [This would be a good way to get its customers back lost from last year’s fiasco. Otherwise, the customers it lost last year will never know that this year’s Deluxe version includes the forms it didn’t have last year.]
Misled once again. I bought the “Premier” version because the comparison chart recommended that I use it to handle stocks & investments. However, from reading other reviews, it looks like the “Deluxe” version would’ve handled stocks & bonds just fine.I’m disappointed in Intuit. Why do they insist on deception? One would think they learn their lesson after last year’s debacle. I plan on returning my TurboTax and trying out their competitors.
I love the product, but had some technical issues and contacted Amazon. Amazon instructed me to contact Intuit, Inc., and told me that Intuit, Inc. has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee refund policy. When I contacted TurboTax (Intuit, Inc.), I was informed that they only refund purchases made directly from them. There are no refunds for 3rd party vendors.
On their website, TurboTax has a version chooser helper utility […]. On this utility, if you chose the options “Have children/dependents”, “Own a home”, and “Sold stocks and bonds”, you are immediately suggested to purchase the Premier version, even though Deluxe has all that capabilities. 1-Star for deceptive advertising. They may have restored Deluxe capabilities, but are actively steering customers to purchase a higher version they don’t need.
I, too, have not yet purchased it but I wanted to express an important point. After using TT for about 10 years with one exception, I will definitely purchase it this year. Last year, I was really upset with Intuit and I jumped over to H&R . I saved money and it was easy to import from the previous year’s TT. It worked well but later, I received a penalty notice from my State showing that an error had been made on my filing. I checked it out and sure enough, they were right. I paid the tax and penalty and then contacted H&R with all the info. They said they would look into it and after repeated tries and follow ups, I could never get them to answer me again. So much for H&R.
I’ve used Turbo Tax for years. Last year was a major change for the software breakdown, so it’s really important to look at each edition to know which is best for you.I use the Deluxe version because I own a home and have some small investments – no issues this year! Last year was a nightmare. Although I don’t itemize home office expenses, I see that you can use Deluxe for home office expenses this year.Easy and simple to install and use. The guided walk-through takes the guess work out of filing my taxes. No problems at all. I bought my version locally.
This product does NOT include the state “efile” which is an additional $19.99 if paid at time of filing, with an additional $34.99 if you want it taken out of your refund. After paying them more money I came back to write a review, the description is accurate to include the Federal efile. I just want people to know what they are walking into if they choose to efile their state return.
OK, so after last year, everyone is mad about the changes they made. But you know what… they made it right. They upgraded me to TT Premier for 2014, and I did my taxes like normal. This year, they are saying the Deluxe Download is same as it was in 2013 and all the years before (plus all the Obamacare and new tax laws, of course). I have been loyal to Turbo Tax for more years than I can remember… and after last year, I think they know they cannot afford another misstep. So I purchased and downloaded TT Deluxe + State + E-File. So far, it looks the same and seems to have what I need. As long as Turbo Tax keeps producing this product this way, I will keep buying Deluxe. So let’s stop all the hate from last year, move forward, and enjoy Turbo Tax like we always have!
I know many customers have had problems with downloading Turbo Tax to Windows 10. I was almost afraid to buy it this year since I have already had other problems with Windows 10. Well, I took the chance and I am sure glad I did! I had absolutely NO problems with the download and it is the same great product that it always was. I just wanted to let people know in case they are on the fence about buying Turbo Tax for the same reason.

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TurboTax Deluxe 2015 Federal + State Taxes + Fed Efile Tax Preparation Software - PC Download

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