Plastic Gold Bar Decorations (6)

Plastic Gold Bar Decorations (6)What they’re are thin plastic molds, just a little thinner when compared to a sheet of cardstock maybe. Once you up stack them, it appears like the gold bouillon in the pictur¨¦, but I don’t believe this item is fairly as nice since it looks in the picture. Very easy and cheap definitely, but because the title suggests, it really is just a decoration also it fulfilled its purpose as that. However, d¨®n’t expect these in order to carry any weight, stacked even.

There have been so a lot of things wrong with this particular purchase. 1- The cheap plastic gold bars are hollowed in underneath. So it’s a painted just, flaky plastic that’s very flimsy. 2- They advertised six “gold bars” can be found in a package, I only received 5. I had to call Amazon and complain concerning the order.

They’re like tin baking pans except plastic. HoIlow doesn’t describe it, it’s only a punched out sheet of plastic. They aren’t even sufficiently opaque to utilize all six. You’d need to stack them otherwise you can view right through.

Very disappointed as the set indicated that it had been likely to have six and I only received 5 gold bars. It might be a waste of my time attempting to have it repaid in line with the fact I ordered this with fr¨¦e shipping. My kid’s party h¨¢s six kids and I only have 5 for display.

When I purchased these, I was scrambling to place my Bank Robber Costume together. They are good gold bars perfectly, however they don’t have a bottom (although that maybe my fault, since i have did not browse the description), which explains why they’re being distributed by me 3 out of 5, since I must stuff them now.

I’m so glad fir another reviews which explained the proper size. The size another reviewer said these were was what I needed. THEREFORE I received what I needed really. They served the decorative purpose I needed and git plenty of compliments on my expo table. Would order they arrived promptly and pleased with purchase again.

Excellent prop. Can look like gold bars from the short distance definitely. They’re pretty light-weight though and will blow in a solid wind away. They must be lit from leading as they could be slightly translucent if lit from behind too. Still- I’d definitely recommend.

Fine buy for the purchase price. They’re hollow plastic painted externally just. They will have no bottoms and wouldn’t endure much abuse. They’re fine in the event that you just want look at them however. Their glittery, big, and gold, but d¨®n’t flip them over or let anyon¨¦ pick them up.

They’re translucent, vacuum-molded plastic with a s¨¦mi-metallic coating. No bottom, they’re an outer shell of very thin plastic just. The proportion is quite strange also, nothing like a bar of gold you’d s¨¦e in a mov Read More Here

Plastic Gold Bar Decorations (6)

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