Display Base LED Lighted Silver Mirrored Top 7 Cycling Colored Lights

Display Base LED Lighted Silver Mirrored Top 7 Cycling Colored Lightsthis bi-directional rotating platform performs fIawless for days and days. I’ve added variations of my temple ornaments like crystals and pyramids. Handles heavy weights like pedestals, quartz crystals, and mystic items well and without chatter or jerkiness reliably. Smooth operation, quiet motor, with rainbow Iights giving crystals a varied effect.

This display base is great for revealing your glass or crystal art pieces. The rotating LED colored lights enhance th¨¦m greatly and the 4″ diameter mirror is large enough and steardy enough to carry even the largest pieces.

I needed another light stand but t¨®day’s all have the mirror top ¨¢nd apparently you can find forget about black ones being made therefore i had to plunge in to the foray of vendors both at Amazon ¨¢nd Ebay. First Amazon vendor sent me damaged merchandise and I returned it promptly. This Vendor at Amazon (Banberry Designs) sent me a light base that also led to a return (the battery portion didn’t work). BUT .. a straightforward request and explanation for an upgraded, was met having an immediate response from Banberry Designs and since I’m extremely swift to come back such items, in another 2-day turnaround, I received another shipment of 1 that works and looks just great perfectly! Only a heads up: the light stand BOX in the shipping box is flimsy and upon removal, the light stand is dusty quite. Don’t Panic. I immediately used ¨¢ SOFT COTTON CLOTH to dust and ¨¦xamine the mirror top BEFORE I even pIugged it in and the mirror top w¨¢s genuinely flawless under the dust. The 7 LED lights, red, green, blue and yellow set under the mirror top, work beautifully because they change colors. The mirror top moves slowly in the selection of clockwise or counter clockwise with a straightforward click of the “on / off button” on the silver base itself (there is absolutely no other activate the electrical cord). THIS IS explained in the sale description of that so there have been no surprises. The battery operation performs perfectIy aswell (with 3 AA batteries) after the electrical cord is removed. And in this mode of operation, the mirror top stands and will not rotate at all still, with the LED light display as usual if you so prefer. Oh, and the mirror t¨®p is in fact pretty cool and makes a brighter display (not distracting) just brighter and much more enhancing of one’s item. So I’m a happy camp¨¦r with the merchandise I was so searching for AND DID. MANY THANKS Banberry Designs!

I purchased two of the bases; one is in excellent working order, another not. The lights look nice. The rotating mechanism of 1 base was poor since it skipped and jumped with nothing together with it. Are you aware that one which didn’t jump and skip, l put only something very light at the top (two pens) also it rotated fine. I have no idea if exactly the same could possibly be said if displaying a heavier item. However the seller was great in refunding my money for the poorly rotating base, including reimbursing for the shipping costs I had to cover. The silvery color is way better than black plastic look so it’s distributed by me an advantage for that too.

there is absolutely no control on the lights. you cant keep it from spinning if its plugged in and you also it cant be kept by you using one color. it sort of cheapens the crystal you/I placed on it. not bright enough, on a number of the colors especially, to light paper weights.

This product is includes a limited duty cycle really. It isn’t designed for continuous operation. The inner gears aren’t lubricated plus they grind on one another. The initial sign of distress is really a brown dust forming between your mirror and the hard plastic case. Th¨¦ dust may be the material coming off the gears. The next indication of problems may be the unit gets noisy. A spray was utilized by me light lube on the initial unit which did not last for very long.If you’re only likely to utilize this occasionally (monthly) you don’t have to lube the gears. Otherwise, —-This is my second time ordering is. This right time I used a pray white lithium lube. This lube has stamina which is supporting to continuous us Read More Here

Display Base LED Lighted Silver Mirrored Top 7 Cycling Colored Lights

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